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          West Virginia University Strategic Initiatives


          What We Do

          Strategic Initiatives identifies, develops and manages sustainable resources and initiatives that support academic, research and service excellence. For the campus community, we provide cost-effective business support and high-quality administrative and technical services, and forge connections with government and business leaders. For government and industry, we are the gateway to WVU’s world-class resources and expertise.

          We manage the construction and maintenance of WVU’s facilities and grounds, provide a safe environment through our campus police force, deliver transportation and parking systems, ensure compliance with and training in environmental and occupational health and safety procedures, attract and retain a talented workforce, prepare financial statements and budgets, conduct institutional research and provide quality printing services.

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          Go Beyond
          Go Beyond
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          Office of the Vice President for Strategic Initiatives

          Corporate & Govt. Relations
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          • Government Relations
          • WVU Innovation Corp
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          Facilities & Services
          • Facilities & Services
          • Facilities Management
            • Environmental Health & Safety
          • Sustainability
          Division of Finance
          • Budget Planning
          • Institutional Accounting, Reporting, & Analysis
          • Payroll & Employee Processing
          • Property Management
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          • Risk Management
          • Sponsored Projects & Property Administration
          • Tax Services
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          Auxiliary and Business Services
          • Planning, Design, Construction and Scheduling
          • Procurement Contracting and Payment Services
          • Transportation & Parking
          Talent and Culture
          • Benefits
          • Classification & Compensation
          • Employee Relations
          • Talent Strategy
          • Leadership and Organization Development
          • University Police
          Information Technology Services
          • Student Resources
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          • Help Desk
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          • Mountaineer Card Services
          • Printing and Copier Services
          • MyPrinting
          • Service Centers